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Change your job searching habits

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1) There is no such thing as a perfect resume.

Searching for a job is really not all about the resume. Candidates often put too much time and emphasis on resumes that it comes to a point whereby they tend to neglect other job securing strategies. Candidates have to understand that the resume is a tool to help you secure an interview but the overall decisive factor does not lie in the resume alone.

According to Cleve Rowley, president of his own company which specializes in assisting companies improve performance through better screening and  selection of potential candidates, “It is more advisable for one to start networking. Relationships are after all the core of society. A relationship of mutual trust and commitment, as well as genuine interest for the other is highly beneficial in the long run.”

2) Be creative about personal growth

Research have shown that the natural process of aging causes the loss of creativity. This causes our lives to become less spontaneous and more inflexible. A job search requires one to have both mental and emotional energy as well as clarity. Making time to do something creative for yourself, like engage in a refreshing new project or taking up a new class will help energize your job search.

While most seem to think that appearance is secondary, engaging in a fresh, creative activity will help enhance one’s overall appearance. Somewhere along the hiring process, appearance may become the deciding factor and it may even have more to do about the way you look, rather than the way you dress.

3) Look like a professional

Never think that your appearance doesn’t count. Model after successful people and dress the way they conventionally do. This will give you a better idea of what determines professional dressing. Observe and learn how successful people dress and carry themselves as you meet and talk with them.

Last but not the least… while conducting your job search, also consider other options like starting your own business ventures. You have, after all gained experience over the years running your own unit within the company. Why not stretch your boundaries and try tailor your business according to what the market trends are, tapping in on your strongest talent.

This will especially come in handy when you have a unique speciality, resulting in greater demand for your speciality.

Adapted from: It’s Not About the Resume: Creative, Successful Job Search Tips by Cleve Rowley.

Written by nasirah

December 15, 2008 at 3:06 pm

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