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Raising productivity in a song, hey!

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With Singapore’s lagging labour productivity affecting the country’s competitiveness, how can companies and unions seek to raise employee productivity? How about doing it in a song?

The latest music video produced by Singapore’s Food Drinks And Allied Workers’ Union and “dedicated to NTUC” pretty much butchers The Beatles’s song, Oh-bla-di, Oh-bla-da.

Of course, after watching this video several times, I still have no idea how the Food Drinks and Allied Workers’ Union aims to increase employee productivity and beat foreign competition – other than doing things “cheaper, better, faster”.

Can Singapore really beat other low-cost Asian countries on cost? I don’t think so.

This isn’t the first song montage to be made about improving the labour workforce in Singapore. Remember the NTUC performance led by NTUC Labour Chief Lim Swee Say just earlier this year on how companies can survive the recession without having to retrench its employees?

Of course, my all-time favourite video still has to be the rap video produced by the Ministry Development Authority in 2007. Check out the high production values, the bling-bling and snazzy CGI! One guy is even decked out in gangster garb!

Uniquely Singapore indeed!

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November 11, 2009 at 10:12 am

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