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The workplace doesn't have to feel like a warzone.

Disagreements or conflicts with co-workers are almost inevitable in the workplace, but how can you speak up and resolve the issue without resorting to third-party interventions?

Joe Moore, managing director of ProActive ReSolutions Inc provides a couple of tips on how you can go handle these difficult scenarios better.

First, Moore says that the first step is to acknowledge that there will be differences in how you and others see things. “We all have to get on with a wide range of people at work – colleagues, customers, suppliers – you won’t like them all – we just need to work together respectfully,” he says.

If the issue is important, you should then let others know how you feel in a “direct and non-threatening” manner. You can do this by creating a basis in which you are looking for collaboration and not merely looking to lock horns with the other party.

During the discussion, talk about the impact the situation has had on you. “Look people in the eye – let the facts and your feelings talk and not your judgement of what happened,” advises Moore.

Then, ask how the situation has affected them as well. At this stage, Moore says any hurtful comments that might be raised are not intended, as we all have gaps between what we say and what we do. It would help to listen more than you talk.

Acknowledge your contribution to the situation, because someone who does not agree with you may not be wrong.

Finally, invite the other person to work with you to make things better by asking questions such as: “What would help us to work together more collaboratively?”


Written by Human Resources

December 8, 2009 at 8:35 pm

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