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Dealing with employees’ psyche

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Are your employees under tremendous pressure?

Living in an Asian country with a results-driven education system, I grew up with the belief that we are only worth as much as what we can contribute to the society. One can only subsist when one is useful. This is the very reason of my existence, as this is the attitude that employers strive to instill in their employees. Does this really drive productivity? Do executives have to resort to unscrupulous means in order to jostle their way up the corporate ladder?

Employees are frequently pushing themselves to perform better than their peers so as to stand out among the others, consequently paving their paths for promotions. In the midst of doing so, they would not stop at any obstacle. They sacrifice time, a commodity that many executives give up for their jobs, and work-life balance. Essentially, most of them give up the fantasy of smelling the roses once in a while, and as for the ones with children; they can only indulge in wishing they had more family time.

Subsequently, those employees become unhappy soul-less members of the workforce who work mechanically for their organisations while making obscene critiques about their bosses whenever they can. Can an organisation benefit from this negative attitude even though they continue to work conscientiously like blind army ant minions?

Perhaps what employers can look into is sincere communication with their employees to understand what they are thinking. Although it is vital for bosses to ensure their employees to work their hardest for the sake of organisational growth, it is also imperative to not just see their employees as bottom lines. Nobody likes to be a mere pawn, among many, in driving profits.

In fact, some employees may even be beating themselves up for not being able to perform up to their bosses’ expectations. Hence, should the bosses be more pro-active at addressing employees’ psyche issues, HR problems such as employees’ dissatisfaction may decrease in the long run. Employees may even go the extra mile for their companies out of their own free will as they feel valued by their bosses unconditionally.

Particularly in a large organisation, where it is virtually impossible for top management staff to know every employee personally, it is the responsibility of line managers to maintain continuous interaction with their subordinates. To achieve better results, line managers should attempt to be a friend or a buddy to their workers.

In conclusion, not mentioning employees who are evidently unwilling to perform their best in their workplaces, some employees may have valid reasons for their underperformance and it is up to their bosses to find out why. For all you know, they may be doing badly at work due to the excessive pressure they put themselves through to do a better job at work.

Written by Jocelyn Lee

June 28, 2010 at 2:10 pm

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