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Bizarre HR: Job ad bans Liverpool fans from applying

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No Liverpool fans allowed

[Click here to view the job ad in full]

My first reaction to the online job ad above was that it seems tongue-in-cheek because of the emoticon 😛 after the line “Must not be a Liverpool fan”. But what if it wasn’t?

So I called Nom Nom Media to find out what happens if a Liverpool fan applies for the job. The person whom I spoke to from Ripplewerkz, a division under the Nom Nom group which is the digital media reseller of Nuffnang, Asia’s blog advertising community, said it’s “definitely something not to be taken seriously”.

He went on to say Nom Nom is a “fun” company to work for so that particular job requirement was written tongue-in-cheek. Further enquiries led to him revealing that the boss of Nom Nom Media is, in fact, a Manchester United fan. My heart soared.

My next question was what happens if a Manchester United fan aka I applied for the job? Would I clinch the job?

The answer was, sadly, no. He said getting the job would still be “based on your personality and job ability”.

I immediately asked my colleagues their views on the job ad and responses were varied. Some said it was hilarious but there would be backlash from rival football club fans who might turn up for the interview in Liverpool jerseys. Some thought it was discriminatory if the requirement wasn’t a joke.

But Yang Huiwen, manager of the sales team for Nom Nom Media in Singapore, says adding that cheeky job requirement is a “natural filter for fun people”. She adds, “It’s nothing discriminatory.”

Besides, her office currently has one Manchester united fan and a Liverpool fan. “They are always at loggerheads so the office joke is we shouldn’t have another Liverpool fan because it will shift the balance,” says Yang. But it doesn’t matter, she adds, because her company welcomes all candidates, regardless of which football club they support, and everyone could watch matches together.

It’s like having a local SME putting the line “Only Singaporeans and PR may apply” in their job ads. That is something common enough because small companies, depending on their business needs, might have a limited hiring quota for foreigners.

In any case, including certain job requirements in a job ad can be useful for the hiring manager because this helps them weed out potential candidates who wouldn’t fit into the corporate culture already instilled within the company.

But what do you think? Have your say in the comment box below.


Written by Lee Xieli

July 22, 2010 at 11:08 am

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