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So, it’s about three months into the year, right about the time when the novelty of the New Year dies down and the stress begins to pile.

To be honest, most of the past three months have flown by for me because my bosses were crazy enough to entertain my ideas and let me run with them. I mean, they actually let me host an online weekly show with my editor!

This got me thinking. If more employees are able to be proactive and contribute creatively to the workplace, chances are they’ll probably be better, more productive workers.

Take Google for example. It’s no secret their employees get time off to work on their own projects. Sure, we may or may not have the flexibility and resources to offer what Google can, but I did a little research and I think I have a few tips to help you and your employees get cracking and start creating.

Tip number one is easy enough. Write everything done. I’ll be the first to admit I can be forgetful, so I find having a notepad and pen nearby always helps. Hey, that idea may not be something for now, but write it down because you might find it useful and even innovative a couple weeks down the road. They do say you never know when creativity strikes!

Secondly, brainstorm. This can take place literally anywhere, anytime. Doesn’t matter if it’s a formal sit down meeting or chat in the office pantry. Having a fresh set of eyes to look at things from a different perspective can reveal new ideas you would never have thought of alone.

Lastly, don’t be shy with those ideas. How do you expect them to take off if they’re not going to see the light of day? Share your ideas with a trusted colleague first if taking it up to the big bosses make you nervous. Managers, likewise, should constantly be supportive of any ideas employees might have. You never know if the next big thing is that tiny sketch on the back of a napkin from yesterday’s lunch.

Written by Sabrina Zolkifi

February 28, 2011 at 6:05 pm

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