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Most annoying co-workers

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For those of you who have a love-hate relationship with your colleagues at work, this article should either make you nod your head furiously at its truisms (meaning you’d immediately forward it to your friends who have been listening to your misery for the longest time)  or you’d laugh out loud at some bits of it (only because you have yet encountered such a category yet, but trust me, your time will come). Either way, it makes good light reading for a rainy Friday.

According to Maui R. Drilon for Yahoo! Singapore, every office has annoying co-workers and the only difference is that they come in different shapes, sizes and genders. They include:

The Whiner. Absolutely NOTHING goes well for this person. If she gets a raise, it’s too low. If she’s given more vacation leave, she stresses that she could use more. If given a promotion, she’ll spend the next week drowning herself in cocktails, lamenting over all the extra responsibilities she suddenly has. The Whiner also doesn’t care whether or not you want to hear about her stoooopid client meeting.

The Oxygen Sucker. Think of it this way: if your office were made up of 21 people and your company were in a spaceship, and you had oxygen good enough for only 20, you would not have second thoughts about kicking him off the ship. What makes him such an oxygen sucker? First off, despite him being in the company years before you, he still really sucks at his job. That – or he doesn’t really do his job. Most of his time is spent watching episodes of RuPaul’s “Drag Race” on Youtube, and updating his status message on Facebook (“Bench-pressed twice my weight at the gym!”). Seriously, this guy gets paid?

The Office Gossip. She’s not really that annoying, unless the story she’s spinning is about you. What sucks about the Office Gossip is you don’t know just how buddy-buddy you should get with her. Be aloof and you won’t be in the loop with the latest gossip – get too close, and she’d know all your dirty little secrets (which make for perfect blackmail material).

Read on to find out which category you are currently sharing the same office space and stale recycled air-conditioned air with: [via]

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Written by Lee Xieli

March 4, 2011 at 2:33 pm

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