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HRTV: Small Talk on why engagement surveys fail

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Singapore – The results from your internal employee engagement surveys may not be as truthful as you think.

This is because many companies usually make 10 key mistakes when carrying out engagement surveys. Brad Federman, president of Performancepoint, said one of the biggest mistakes an organisation can make is to ignore the “big brother syndrome”.

“People rate the organisation well because they know the company has access to their ratings. If you want insights to strengthen your organisation, do yourself a favour and use a third party,” he said

Small Talk discuss other survey blunders companies can avoid, and why some times, conflicts between different business divisions can be healthy. It also discusses why social media sites can sabotage your working relationships with colleagues.

More than half of 400 respondents in a Robert Half survey said social media has negatively impacted their workplace relationships.

Small Talk also shares what employees can do to project a professional image online, and the part HR can play in creating a better employer branding strategy.

Martin Cerullo, managing director for development for Alexander Mann Solutions in Asia Pacific, said a good employer brand can increase retention rates and loyalty.

“It’s very important for organisations to work on their brand at the very beginning of a programme, so they can get support from all the leaders in the business and not just human resources.”

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Written by Sabrina Zolkifi

April 15, 2011 at 1:30 pm

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