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HRTV: Small Talk on leadership lessons from GE

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Singapore – Now that the dust around the general elections (GE) is beginning to settle, Small Talk takes a look at the leadership lessons companies can take away.

William Rothwell, a professor who teaches human resources (HR) management and development issues at Pennsylvania State University, said when picking new leaders, organisations need successors who are open-minded. He added it is important they can fill in the gaps of the current leadership, and are able to deliver fresh perspectives.

Sabrina Zolkifi hosts this week’s episode of Small Talk and discusses what else local leaders can learn from the elections, as well as why you should teach your employees the same way you would primary school children.

Mary Sue Rogers, general manager for IBM’s global human resources (HR) for learning and recruitment, said when planning a learning programme, HR should develop one with a learning style familiar to its employees.

“Go back to primary and secondary school, and see how the teachers are teaching your future employees,” she said.

Small Talk also explores how Singaporeans’ favourite language Singlish can affect career prospects and what HR can do about it.

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Written by Sabrina Zolkifi

May 13, 2011 at 1:33 pm

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