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HRTV: Engage employees like the Americans

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Singapore – Companies in Asia should adopt the “partnership” engagement strategies many US and European organisations use if they want to see lower employee turnover rates this year.

Rolf Bezemer, managing director for Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia for technology services provider Lumesse, called the employee engagement process in US and Europe a “partnership”. He said the partnership involves having both sides constantly communicate and express their requirements and expectations of each other frequently.

Bezemer added companies in the region have to focus on bridging the gap between managers and their staff, instead of keeping a distance because of corporate hierarchical fears. “Employee engagement is simple,” he said. “It starts with identifying them on an individual level.”

A recent survey by Aon Hewitt concludes that the formula for success for firms lies in having a “performance-driven culture, clear vision and convincing employee promises, efficient and effective people practices, strong organisational alignment and accountability in the company”.

Chief of all, Aon Hewitt said the key to success lies in engaging employees effectively to win their commitment and allegiance.

Recently, together with The Business Times and CATS Recruit of The Straits Times, Aon Hewitt recognised Ritz-Carlton Millennia Singapore and McDonald’s Restaurants as “outstanding” employers, with high employee engagement levels.

Bezemer added that developing young talent remains a key priority for companies so it is just as important to engage the younger workforce early in their career. Besides coaching them in the daily job requirements, leaders have to engage younger employees in “open and consistent” discussions. This will help them understand the staff’s needs and aspirations, and help develop them professionally, as well as individually.

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