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HRTV: Small Talk on employees censoring online profiles

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Singapore – With half of employees in Singapore concerned their careers may be affected by social networking sites, it is not much of a surprise that many are censoring information they put up.

A survey by Kelly Services has revealed 46% of local professionals believe the personal content found on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook can “adversely affect” their job prospects.

“[Employees] need to be careful that they are tapping into the best elements of the Internet when their careers are involved,” Melissa Norman, Kelly Services’ managing director for Singapore and Malaysia, said. With such sites making it easy to put up information, she added there is a “tendency for people to share more than they think”.

In the latest episode of Small Talk, Lee Xieli and Sabrina Zolkifi discuss whether it is right for employees to edit the data they present online, and what HR can do to better utilise such sites in their recruitment process

They also talk about the “brain drain” experienced by Malaysia, and why short term incentives such as resident passes and apprenticeships are ineffective to retain locals and attract overseas talent.

Additionally, Small Talk explores interview blunders which can jeopardise your job opportunities. A recent survey by indentified some of the most unbelievable mistakes, including a man who revealed he was fired from his previous job after beating up his boss.

Other don’ts during an interview include picking your nose or asking the interviewer to leave his own office so the candidate can take a “private” call.

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Written by Sabrina Zolkifi

May 20, 2011 at 11:59 am

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