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Small Talk: Your employees could be committing fraud

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Singapore – More companies in Singapore are falling victims to fraud cases, and a majority of it are being committed by their own employees.

Based on the findings of KPMG’s Singapore Fraud Survey report 2011, employees were responsible for 47% of fraud cases committed over the past three years. This is followed by those carried out by customers and vendors, with 36%.

Furthermore, it was revealed that senior management were responsible for 17% of those cases, resulting in a huge worry for companies. “These individuals set the ethical tone for the organisation and are in the position to do the greatest harm,” Bob Yap, head of forensics at KPMG Singapore, said.

Small Talk discusses the most common reasons behind fraud cases, as well as what human resources (HR) and companies can do to prevent getting duped. Sabrina Zolkifi and Lee Xieli also talk about how HR can better manage candidates with multiple job offers.

While receiving several job offers may be good for the candidates, it can pose bigger problems for HR.

“It’s the risk that the time and effort put into recruiting someone over a long period of interviews and assessments may be wasted,” George McFerran, head of Asia Pacific for eFinancialCareers, said.

Small Talk offers quick advice on what HR can do, and share jobs from the past that you would not believe existed.

It also seems like managers are reluctant to send their staff for training opportunities. The Workforce Development Agency launched the Service Literacy Test for front-line staff, but some are deeming it unnecessary. Jimmy Ng, operations manager for Ya Kun International, said as long as his staff can “speak basic English and can do cashi\\ering”, that was enough.

The reluctance is despite the S$100 off foreign worker’s levy for each employee who passes the test. Also, watch the episode to find out more about this week’s top story on the best employers to work for in the Asia Pacific region.

Written by Sabrina Zolkifi

July 4, 2011 at 9:21 am

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