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HRTV: Bridging ethics awareness and employees

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Singapore – Asia may boast a low rate of reported misconduct, but companies still have to constantly remind employees the importance of abiding by the rules.

According to Conrad P. Schmidt, global research officer at the Corporate Executive Board (CEB), Asian employees do have sufficient training and understanding on what corporate misconduct is.

“But when you get below the numbers, you’ll find that a lot of people in Asia will say I don’t know if I’ve seen misconduct,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt explained that the contrast in responses showed a “breakdown in communication and training”. He said employees have to be able to identify the types of misconduct and also be confident enough to report it without fearing repercussions.

Therefore, it is very critical companies understand the best ways to communicate their ethic guidelines to employees, and tailor them to a local audience if need be.

Joel Whitaker, head of research of CEB Asia Pacific, added that leaders have to be especially careful in translating the code of conduct when catering to a local market.

Whitaker said companies cannot merely make a literal translation of its ethics as the true meaning of the message may be lost.

Speaking to HRTV exclusively, Schmidt shares how ethics affects staff engagement and business growth within an organisation.


Written by Sabrina Zolkifi

October 5, 2011 at 1:11 pm

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