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HRTV: Small Talk on sugar-coating employees’ stories

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Singapore – Human resources (HR) leaders must be careful not to embellish employees’ stories when using them for recruitment purposes.

According to Paul McGrory, head of regional resourcing at Royal Bank of Scotland in Asia, HR should only help employees reflect on their work to tell their own stories.

McGrory said HR can ask employees “questions which reflect on what they have done that is representative of the brand, culture and values of the company” as a start.

In this latest episode of Small Talk, Sabrina Zolkifi and Lee Xieli further discuss how public relations are one of the most stressful jobs in the market, and why more Chinese employees are looking to switch jobs.

They also shared what HR can do to facilitate more flexible working arrangements, and had a candid discussion on why the Asian culture of saving “face”, and the fear of line managers can be detrimental to job satisfaction.

Glenn Tan, executive director of motor vehicle distributor Tan Chong International, used to host “power breakfast” meetings to allow his staff to share their problems in a more casual setting. However, he has stopped hosting them as some managers had begun picking on employees they thought were ratting them out.

“After a while, people didn’t want to say anything at the meetings,” Tan said.