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HRTV: Small Talk on how social media affects your job

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Singapore – Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have become extensions of our real lives, so it’s no surprises than that they could affect people’s work decisions as well.

According to the quarterly Randstad Workmonitor, nearly 60% of 405 local respondents use social media to research on a potential employer. Another 60% also added they would not consider working for a company if there have been negative comments made about them on social media.

Lee Xieli and Sabrina Zolkifi discuss the influence social media has on today’s employees, as well as why letting employees go can turn out to be a good thing for some organisations.

They also talk about the possibility of bringing pets to work, and what human resources can do to help welcome more workers with disabilities into the workplace.

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HRTV: Don’t be fearful of hiring PWDs

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Singapore – While most companies believe in hiring and promoting the best talent on merit, there are some who remain hesitant in welcoming people with disabilities (PWDs) into their workplace.

HRTV speaks to two employers who were honoured recently for hiring and supporting PWDs and they said local companies’ perception of hiring PWDs are slowly changing.

Michael Gian, chief executive officer of Kentucky Fried Chicken Singapore, believed companies’ initial “apprehension” could be due to not truly understanding the investments and trainings required for adapting the workplace for PWDs. He added that some employers may also fear that other able-bodied staff would not be receptive to the idea.

However, Jagdeep Thakral, executive assistant manager of Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre, said employers should always hire based on merit and inculcate an inclusive culture.

But with increased support from the government and more media awareness, both senior leaders said the perception of PWDs is becoming more positive.

Thakral further shared with HRTV on what hiring managers can include in job listings so more PWDs will feel comfortable in applying for work at the company.

Local companies that have made outstanding efforts in employing people with disabilities (PWDs) were recognised at the inaugural Enabling Employers award last week.

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