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HRTV: Growing a financial talent’s portfolio

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Singapore – Human resources (HR) leaders are urged to give their financial professionals more opportunities to handle big accounts and deals to help develop their potential.

George McFerran, head of Asia Pacific for eFinancialCareers, said while providing training programmes are important, allowing talent to take on more responsibility will help them grow professionally.

Besides giving employees career advancement opportunities, McFerran said HR has a role in ensuring they have healthy working relationships with their managers as well. “People like to be managed effectively and the manager’s relationship [with the employee] is crucial to retaining talent,” he said.

Companies have to look into creating an environment where their employees feel supported and motivated, as that would foster loyalty and potentially help keep them from getting poached by competitors. However, McFerran said while non-monetary benefits can go along way in keeping top talent, HR cannot forget the importance of offering competitive remuneration packages.

McFerran also shared with HRTV the recruitment challenges he believes the finance industry will face over the next few years, and what HR can do to manage them.

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