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Small Talk on racist staff and Gen Y’s expectations

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Singapore – Employees in Indian call centres have been told it was okay to hang up on “dumb” Australian clients while senior leaders in Singapore worry over their Gen Ys’ high expectations.

One trainer at the call centre even went so far to tell staff that Australians are racist towards Indians and did not begin attending college until recently. These demeaning stereotypes were brought to light after a journalist from news magazine Mother Jones underwent a three-week training course at the Delhi Call Centre last year.

This week, Small Talk discusses the irony of that story, as well as how employers can manage the expectations of their Generation Y (Gen Y) employees. According to Richard Lai, chief executive officer and managing director of logistics company Mapletree, younger staff want more money and opportunities but also a good work-life balance.

Lai said employees have to be more realistic in order to be happier at work. “At the end of the day, it is up to the individual to find their own level of contentment in their jobs.”

Also, find out more about how getting a team to cook together can help with bonding as HRTV heads down to The Sentosa Resort and Spa for a first-hand look at a new “Iron Chef” team building programme.

“It takes a break from the normal corporate retreats which usually involves teams being in seminars all day and talking business,” Ryan Sonson, the hotel’s executive chef, said.

Additionally, learn how companies are supporting older workers, along with their concern over rising wages as Singaporeans become increasingly pessimistic about their job opportunities.

HRTV: Small Talk on Asian managers’ lack of confidence

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Singapore – Asian leaders lack confidence in themselves, with only 10% believing they are capable of overcoming challenges such as talent development and business growth.

Additionally, nearly half of managers in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand felt their job were “sometimes or often stagnant”. Companies in the Southeast Asia region have to recognise these gaps in the organisation if they wish to help their leadership talent succeed. Respondents have said they would like their bosses to give them more authority and decision-making opportunities to remain engaged.

Lee Xieli and Sabrina Zolkifi sat down for the 10th episode of Small Talk to discuss why it is important for leaders to be confident. They also talk about how entry and mid-level Indian employees can expect salary increments of up to 15% this year – the highest in the region.

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Written by Sabrina Zolkifi

March 18, 2011 at 11:57 am

HRTV: Small Talk on taking MC

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Singapore – Employers can no longer penalise employees who take sick leave, nor will they hire human resources (HR) professionals who still believe the main focus of HR is people.

Employee absenteeism has been a hot topic this week, as Small Talk sheds more light on the consequences of employers denying their staff sick leave.

More companies are also beginning to recognise HR as a strategic business function, and HR professionals with that same mindset are more likely to be in demand.

Jackie Orme, chief executive for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development told Human Resources that organisations need to hire more HR professionals who see “HR as a business discipline rather than a people discipline first and foremost” in order to evolve.

Small Talk this week also discusses why asking the right competency-based questions during an interview will help you get the best candidate. The soaring office and accommodation costs in Singapore is another talking point in this episode. Xieli and Sabrina also talk about the bonuses HR professionals are expected to receive this year.